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On visiting strangelets the other day I bought this eye-catching bookmark and thought I ought to show it to you.

The designers behind this rather clever bookmark are Archetypes’ Keith Tan and Tony Wong. “We are two client based designers looking for design inspiration beyond looking at a few magazines,” says Keith. “In the environment of client based design, we are often asked to focus on the traditional issues of product design, form and colors. We are interested in how to use ‘product design’ as a stronger communication tool. We believe that there are icons or archetypes that have a special place in people’s minds, evoking a certain memory and emotion. It is with this in mind that we are especially keen in observing and applying them in different areas to communicate certain values.”

About the design, Keith says: “The Reading Glass is our inaugural product. It is an iconic representation of a bookmark in the form of a reading glass, a natural association with a tool that aids in reading and a subtle reminder to cultivate good reading habits. Made from real wood, the bookmark has gone through an innovative manufacturing process that enabled the piece to be 1mm thin yet pliable at the hinge without breaking.”



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