M. Raihan Halim’s Sunat


Click Image to view the trailer.

I had the opportunity to see M. Raihan Halim‘s short at the last Rojak event, and holy crap that was entertaining. It’s called Sunat and if you get a chance to see it anywhere, I suggest you do. In the meantime, check out the trailer by clicking the image.

The story of Sunat is basically Raihan’s autobiographical tale of his circumcision – a rite of passage for every Muslim boy. Raihan about his film: “They say that every guy has a definitive moment where they leave boyhood and step into the shoes of a man. Mine was the time I circumcised. This is the story of my Sunat …”

Raihan often calls himself a part-time scriptwriter, full-time storyteller. “My thesis film, Echos, was an award winning short film that garnered the Best Feature award at the Annual Inter-Chinese University Film and TV Festiva in China. My scripts -After Life and All About Charlie Wong- won the Golden Pen Award at the MDA: National Scriptwriting Competition in 2005 and 2007. I am currently prepping my feature film project.”



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