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Joey Soh is an MFA graduate from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art and received a BFA from the University of NSW, College of Fine Art Sydney in June 2008. “I have now reached the ‘middle-age’ stage in my artistic journey, where I have developed concerns for the human race and their personal aspirations in modern society,” Joey says. “I started to research anything related to global capitalism, phsyco-geography, industrialization, constructivism, etc. More recently, my research focused on the micro level of sociology, in an attempt to factor out political bodies, economic regimes and world systems, and placing more emphasis on the optimistic attitude of humanism. In Humanism, there is the recognition that living up to one’s potential is hard work and requires the assistance of others. The ultimate goal is human flourishing; making life better for all humans, and as the most conscious species, also promoting concern for the welfare of other sentient beings. The focus is on doing good and living well in the here and now, and leaving the world a better place for those who come after.”

In 2006, Joey created the ‘Urban Dew Series’, a string of works exploring the human conditions in contemporary cities during post-modernity. “I used metal as my main medium to accentuate the theme of industrialization, and employed whimsical representation in an attempt to express human aspirations. Possessing the romantic notion that works of art are products of the human creative impulse can be used to learn more about humankind (ourselves) and the world. The Urban Dew Series attempts to reconcile the viewer with their inner child (aspirations).

Urban Dew III (inset) was created specifically for the Concourse Exhibition hall at the Esplanade. Joey explains: “Ephemeral forms were fabricated out of materials associated with industrialization – metal, concrete and glass – to create a seeming magical wilderness within the defined, structured space with pre-established status that is Esplanade.”



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