LA Wild Doinka! Toy Show


Opening tonight at BooksActually is a showcase of plush toys created by Weng Pixin of Doinky Doodles. LA Wild Doinka! is a series of soft-creatures made to resemble a random selection of animals, using recycled clothing, fabrics and found materials. “It is a work-in-progress,” Pixin adds. “A year-long project of play-&-mix, intertwining reclaimed fabrics with other materials such as metal, plastics, or randomly found objects that can be used to construct and re-interpret an animal and its unique characteristics.”

Doinky Doodles! is a 100% green effort that creates handmade designs every month of the year using recycled materials. “Comedic elements in characters, animals, books, films and more, act as inspiration for the creations I make for Doinky Doodles!,” Pixin explains. “In keeping every creation individual and fresh, I tweak my style, color choices, patterns and techniques whenever I am ready.”

Through 6 March at BooksActually.



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