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Alecia Neo‘s images are about common human experiences of alienation and loneliness, appearance and reality, and the search for self. The representations of human emotions and relationships in her work are often reflective of her experiences, memories and her attempts to understand that magic that connects people.”I am most drawn to individuals with stories to tell, common people with imperfections. I see my own vulnerability in theirs,” she adds.

What Alecia loves most about photography is the way it allows you to form new relationships and how it allows you an entry point to the unknown. “I enjoy the process of meeting people through my camera and watching us eventually let our guards down,” she explains. “Art-making is really an excuse to think about stuff and to deal with matters you can’t make sense of in an obsession you can’t explain without saying ‘I’m making art’.”


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Hiatus is Alecia’s artistic attempt at portraying the gaps and breaking points in our common human experience. The series marks the beginning point for a quiet desire to transcend our circumstances.

Alecia about her work: “Through images exploring urban spaces and fictional and non-fictional characters, ‘Hiatus’ represents a body of multiple psychological portraits. The environments, chosen subjects -a combination of primarily strangers and a few friends– and myself simultaneously cast influence over the reading of the image. Clearly, these fictional snapshots are staged, yet there is a reality in their emotions that resound with the audience. The resulting ambiguity and mystery of the narrative reflect a common fear of the unknown. The collective stoic and at times, pensive moods of the subjects seem to contemplate our human fates, holding the images together, creating a sense of empathy, unity and universality amongst the diverse characters. In spite of the uncertainty, there is a keen sense of vulnerability and wonder that prevails in the people, and a quiet energy that begins to stir.”



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