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Malaysian-bred designer Sabrina Goh first entered the public eye with her collections at the Singapore Designer Contests 2006 and 2007. She is now at the helm of her own fashion label, ELOHIM.

“ELOHIM meaning Jehovah, God of creative, is a strong motivation for me to do my collections,” Sabrina explains. “I graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2005. During that time, I was an intern stylist at Mediacorp Singapore. After graduation, I worked for a few local fashion brands. Later on, I joined SINO LONDON as an in house Fashion Designer.”


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One of the standout looks from Sabrina‘s Spring/Summer 09 Women’s collection are her LEGO inspired designs. Sabrina explains: “LEGO is a toy created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the 1930s. The name was coined from the Danish phrase Leg Godt, which means “Play Well”. Christiansen put the letters together and created LEGO, which is Latin for “I put together”. The meaning of those words became the foundation and concept behind the company and this collection; interlocking pieces with endless configurations of colors and layers of felt and lego. I enhanced the look with unplugs and rebuilds to change the shape and the silhouette.”

‘Collection’ will be available at Blackmarket and Hide & Seek starting March.



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