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Graphic and communications design studio ampulets has a steady track record when it comes to wowing us with their artistic ability. “I started ampulets in 2006,” says founder James Teo. “While we work mainly with clients in business, government, the arts and education on their design needs, we also enjoy making illustrations about the world around us.”

“One of our latest client projects actually allowed us to bring both together and explore illustration and graphic functions within a physical environment, by creating visual work for three glass walls of a design consultancy office located in what used to be the old Trinity Theological College. We also have an on-going client project which is a favorite of ours,” he adds. “It’s a quarterly newsletter for an arts school that takes the form of a poster.”


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“The featured illustrations are from a series of images based on two narratives about time that we wrote,” James explains. “One narrative is about how quickly time disappears, and the other tries to capture the opposite. The illustrations are drawn in ink, then finished digitally or painted. We hope to eventually develop them into a book or any other form that best engages, but we’re still writing the design brief.”



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