SMU Arts Fest: Daniel Yu


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Daniel Yu is a second year business student at SMU with a fetish for toys and all things kitchy. For the past month he has been working on a set of Playmobil customs for this year’s SMU Arts Fest, themed around the concept of time and reality.

‘A Curious Panorama of Corporate Utopia’ challenges the social desire to associate white-collar professions with a sense of safety and assurance,” Daniel explains. “The series is presented as a satirical look at how passiveness and conformity affect our sense of reality. The individual pieces are meant to evoke a reaction that reflects isolation and uncertainty; at the same time they serve as empowered alter egos.”


“The characters perform as narrators in an alternate world that each explores individually, creating his or her own perspective, and thus, own reality,” Daniel continues. “As hosts, the ensemble uniquely documents their individual stories in this idealized new world. Through the chosen medium, they evoke a sense of ‘temporality’; childhood playthings serve as a starting ground, a place where things begin.”

The SMU Arts Fest 09 runs from January 10 till February 7. Visit the website for more details.



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