Spotted! Xiao Yan


Temasek Polytechnic student Xiao Yan, spent the majority of her time as a kid doodling black charred carcasses of Disney’s Little Mermaid. “I always had an insatiable urge to pick up a marker and start doodling,” she adds. “My graphic design teacher introduced me to Noise Singapore and encouraged me to submit my art. And ever since, a lot of things have happened — my work was featured in an exhibition at the Heeren, I did an illustration for Gameaxis, and I even participated in the International High School Art Festival in Japan.”

About the artwork, Xiao says: “Thank You” is a very personal piece. It was inspired by a friend who was really passionate about art and showed me how to look at life from a different perspective. A lot of the surreal elements inside that picture -like the eye, the hand and the brush strokes- were very much influenced by him. It represents the fact that I don’t want the inspiration to stop.”



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