Spotted! Fox Chong


Artist Fox Chong is a 21-year-old Graphic Designer who graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts in 2008 with a Honors Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. “I also enjoy painting, when I have the time and energy,” she adds. “Illustration is my forte. My inspiration comes from Dave McKean, H.R. Giger, and my all-time-muse, Salvador Dali. I also appreciate work by Jackson Pollock.”

Fox lives by a few principles, but one stands out the most, “To lead a creative life, you have to lose the fear of being wrong.” And when asked to say a few words regarding her work and how she manages to cough out such absurd imagery, and balancing her hectic work schedule, she replies, “The art of staying Sane, is being Insane.”

Fox’s interpretations mean to strike a sense of confusion and familiarity in her audience. Her work speaks about her odd thoughts — her dreams, her mental imaginations, and her erratic thinking. “My images from the series “Manifest Dreams” interpret dreams visually, and how they are mixed and matched in your head, and how the images often don’t make sense, yet they have hidden meanings behind every vivid image.”



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