Spotted! Iskandarrudy (Is) Bin Mohamad Noh


Photographs courtesy NAFA. Click image for close-up.

26-year old Is completed his ITE education in architectural drawing. “I then decided to follow my heart and pursue the arts. NAFA was my first choice because I was very interested in furniture,” he explains.

The Swathe chaise lounge is a wrap, as it is put in its simplest form. “The chaise was first conceptualized as a simple idea of having two opposite material characteristics and merging them to form a certain accord,” Is clarifies. “The idea of recycling and being ‘green’ in this new ever-changing climate has always been a worldwide issue. A life phenomenon as big as our egoistic human notion, but somehow we sure did manage to disregard it. Ultimately, the chaise is the result of exploitation of found materials. It is very much experimental and conceptual. An old coil spring mattress forms the structure of the lounge and when carefully striped, foiled and tied, it forms the basic form of seating and backrest. The end result is a creative use of expired crepe medical bandages to bandage it all up.”

The Swathe chaise lounge was showcased at NAFA’s ‘after2-material X’ exhibition (19-28 September), featuring fifteen furniture prototypes made from found materials.



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