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For their 17th issue, the folks at invited writers, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers to create works focused around World Aids Day. I am listing one of my favorites, a photograph by 22-year-old freelance writer, aspiring photojournalist and part-time student, Wong Casandra.

“This was shot in my bathroom. I bought a doll and miniature milk bottle from Ang Mo Kio for five dollars. The red liquid was made from an impromptu mixture of anything that I could find in the kitchen (and bathroom) and it turned out pretty foul-smelling. I had to make sure that the liquid was thick enough to stay put. For the faint word, AIDS, on the floor, I used milk powder and took the picture when it was half-dissolving to create an additional subliminal message – Aids is indeed corrosive.”

On why she chose to shoot it this way, Casandra says: “While there’s a lot of emphasis on practising safe sex so that one will not be at risk of having Aids, there’s less emphasis on what happens if one contracted Aids, gets pregnant and unfortunately, harms the future generation in more than one way or another – be it causing the child to contract HIV/Aids or suffering from unnecessary discrimination because of one’s medical condition. I think it’s unfair to make a mistake that might indirectly affect your child – since he/she doesn’t have any say or choice in it. While your body is yours for harming, do make sure that you suffer the consequences, and not your innocent unborn child. “


Wong Casandra graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a diploma in Mass Communication in 2007. “Always one with a keen interest in arts and design, I was (and remain) awed by the power of photography, and therefore, I specialized in photojournalism and print journalism in my final year. That was when a concrete relationship with photography started, and it has since evolved from a serious hobby to something much more.”

Casandra has recently quit her full-time job and is actively pursuing her passion: writing and photography. “In addition, I am pursuing a RMIT degree in Mass Communication, and I pray that I earn enough to survive at the same time,” she adds.

Casandra participated in The Rice Project, a 11 day photo expedition and volunteer project in Sri Lanka. You can see some of her photos here. For casual browsing, you can visit her flickr and PHOTOfrenz page.



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