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Starting off as an Interactive Media Designer at Nanyang Polytechnic, 21-year-old Ridz Aidil Tan (aka art.brat), majored in web applications involving interactivity and simple animations. “My lecturer Ms. Tina believed in my eye for movement, so I branched out as a Motion Graphics and Broadcast Designer,” Ridz adds. “I always admired those animations on Cable TV in which graphics take to the air, moving around in 3D space. It gave me the passion to bring life into static graphics, transforming my designs into works full of energy filled with dynamics.”

Ridz shot the ‘Wake Up Call’ video for the 2007 Noise Singapore MTV Shoot and Snip. “The theme was HIV and AIDS, and involved creating a 30-second video clip showing what it meant,” he continues. “The video was aired on MTV Asia throughout the month of December, in conjunction with the MTV’s Staying Alive Campaign in support of World AIDS Day.”



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