Wear a Box-Head for Christmas


Box-Head(s) is a collaborative effort between two girls who met through the OIC. Yin Fei Gwee, 20, recently entered the mundane working life since graduating from Visual Communications – Temasek Polytechnic this May. Refusing to become just another graphic designer, Fei and Animator Koh Shu Fen joined heads to embark on a spontaneous project.

Shu Fen explains: “I was meeting my friends the day before Halloween and we were thinking about what to wear. One of them suggested to dress up as Box-Heads, inspired by a Japanese comic. It was a fun experience wearing the boxes and we were greeted with many pats on the head. The next day we were at the Red Dot Museum for the OIC portrait day. I took my Box-Head with me and let my fellow artists share in the fun. We also did a photo shoot and I decided to turn the photographs into silly little stories.”

Head to MAAD this week-end between 1 and 6pm, and have your polaroid taken wearing a Christmas tree box, a Present box, a Reindeer box, a Snowman box or -if you have more than one head- a Logcake box. Why the hell not?



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