Museum of Broken Relationships: Contribute!


Photograph courtesy of the artists.

One of the highlights of the M1 Fringe Festival 2009 (7-18 January) will be the Museum of Broken Relationships. Hailing from Croatia, Olinka Vištica and Drazen Grubišic originally started the Museum as an exhibition of various objects from their own lives which held meaning to their relationship, and the eventual breakdown of that relationship. Through the objects, accompanied by the personal stories of their donors, the artists attempt to create and preserve an international collection of our emotional heritage.

The Festival is putting out a call to everyone in Singapore to donate their own personal artifacts and stories of lost loves in the hopes of creating a Singaporean component of the Museum that will become part of the permanent collection and tour with the artists to various countries. Unlike ‘destructive’ self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the Museum offers you the chance to overcome any emotional collapse through art creation: contributing to the holdings of the Museum. By giving away these ‘controversial objects’ embedded with memories and emotions of the past, the artists hope to create a space for “secure memory” and “protected remembrance” through the preservation of our collective scarred emotional history.

To contribute to the Museum, please download the donation form or email Deadline: 15 December.

The exhibition runs from 7 to 18 January 2009 at the Esplanade, Jendela Space. Admission is free.



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