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I have an insanely high drool-factor for Afton Chan’s collections, particularly on the men’s side. Afton is a recent graduate of The Raffles Design Institute with a B.Des. Fashion Design (Best Collection).

At just 21-years-old, Afton is now designing a capsule collection under the mentorship of Desmond Yang (Abyzz). “The collection consists of draped garments, pants with interesting silhouettes, as well as pieces that can be worn in more than one way,” she adds.


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About her men’s collection, Afton says: “Intrigued by tactile qualities, color and patterns, my designs are distinctly individual with unique juxtapositions. Each piece, though adaptable to whoever wears them, bears a strong and impertinent style. It also depicts my view on the future of menswear, whereby silhouettes become gender-ambiguous and boundaries are blurred – without forgoing the masculine aspect. Inspiration is extremely queer so it is hard to explain how it comes to me, because it is a mixture of what repulses and what attracts me.”

Not one to limit herself, Afton also has a pretty delicious women’s collection which you can view on her facebook page. You can buy all the pieces directly from Afton herself — just shoot her an email.



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