Marina Mandarin Artist-In-Residence: Huang Lip


Baby I Nicht You (Oil and acrylic on jute) – 2008

The Marina Mandarin Singapore recently invited Huang Lip to be their fourth artist-in-resident. 21-year old Lip is currently pursuing his honors degree in Fine Arts (Printmaking) in LaSalle College of the Arts and has been gaining much recognition with the arts community for his highly-bold style and individual voice.

During his residency, Lip will be working on a series of monochromatic works based on fragmented images from magazines, movie stills and other sources then re-juxtaposing it into a whole new dimension. This forms an expression of the artist’s interest to present the quality of paints, transition of figures into paintings and paintings into emotions, as well as the relationship between artist, art object and audience.


You Got Nowhere To Go (Oil and acrylic on linen) – 2008

Lip’s work -as the press release explains- deals with inner dialogue (random ideas, personal issue, memories etc.) co-responding towards visual form as well as juxtaposition of pastiche. Lip begins his works with no artistic concept in mind and leaving everything to the spontaneous decision or reflex of the moment. “Through the methods of making such as use of pictorial device, it directs me to the next step of my art making and thus I am able to make sense of the world around me,” says Lip. Thus capturing the “mad hatter” art scene he lives in.

The residency will culminate in Lip’s first solo exhibition since stepping into the industry.

Lip is in residence on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2pm – 6pm in his studio on level 4 of the hotel, and can be contacted at 9671 2721 for appointments at other times.



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