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In 2006, 26-year old Interactive Designer Alan Swee received a bronze Crowbar Award in the Interactive CD-ROM category, with his project titled Linkin Park. “The brief for this project was to create an interactive CD-ROM for a music band that you love,” Alan explains. “I choose Linkin Park. The idea and concept of this CD-ROM was to create a park scene. Just imagine Linkin Park sitting on a bench in the park. Less is more, a minimalist style was adapted to showcase the band’s profile in a more stylized and focused manner. I gave it a darker and rougher kind of treatment – dark colored textured background, silhouettes of band members and objects as navigation and splashes of graffiti paint, to bring out the mood.”


Alan Swee graduated from the Raffles Design Institute in 2006 with an Advanced Diploma in Interactive Media Design. “I’ve been in the creative industry for nearly two years. Apart from the Crowbar award I also received an award from Noise Singapore in 2007 in the Design and illustration category with a Project titled: Eureka!”

“Make Creativity a habit and it will come to you naturally.”



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