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Man, since antiquity, has taken dominion over animals to serve their needs and demands. Animals have been domesticated, enhanced, and genetically modified to serve us better.

 “Anatomical Fantasies of Meat” is the response to our handling of God’s gift to us,” says Fine Art Photographer, Joel Yuen. “This ‘fantasy’ created from the organs and flesh of various animals will serve as a reminder of human ingenuity, creativity, and sometimes, bestiality.”


After winning the 27thUOB Painting Of The Year Award, Joel Yuen continues to pursue photography as a fine arts genre. He is currently taking his BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging at Nanyang Technological University. Joel’s work takes on an experimental approach, with a strong emphasis on narration and conceptualization.

Joel explains, “In order to execute and portray an idea manifestly, staged photography has become the apt choice of expression for the contemporary arts. My ideas and inspiration stem from religion and religious art (Roman Catholic), where a deep sense of ideology is portrayed. After exploring different mediums and art genres, the crux of a finished piece of work is for it to convey a message that relates to the human psyche.”



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