Singapore Contemporary Young Artists Network


Starting 15 October, the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists network (SYCA) will be presenting a website project featuring 23 Young Artist biographies and artwork images, interviews and short commentaries on the state of art in Singapore.

An exhibition on 6 November at Sculpture Square will serve as a launch for the site, featuring artists Angela Chong, Andrina Wong, Arnewaty, Chen Yi-Cheng, Farizwan Fajari, Hazel Lim, Jacklyn Soo, Nurasyikin Bte Hamzah, Marienne Yang, Maxine Chionh, Natasha Wei, Sabrina Koh, Safarrudin Abdul Hamid, Shubigi Rao, Tania De Rozario, Tan Seow Wei, Chang JinChao, Vertical Submarine. Other Arts: Alecia Neo, Ghazi Alqudcy, Jing Quek, Sha Najak and Zahir Sanosi.

Organizer/Curator, Jacklyn Soo about the network: “SYCA’s first aim is to complete a detailed website containing links and collaborations with various government constituencies, educational institutions and art communities in 2008-09, followed by a curated exhibition of promising Young Artists in 2009 and eventually a publication in 2010-11 to mark a generation of Singapore’s Contemporary Young Artists.

The Artists selected represent a continuity of their practice as well as work in the art of the time. They could be dealing with pop-culture, identity, religion, history, sexuality, multiculturalism, globalisation, new-media technology, bio-engineering and even AIDS awareness in forms of painting, installation, printmaking, sculptures, drawings, performance art, multimedia formats and text.

As part of a first initiated project funded by the National Arts Council (Singapore), we will be conducting a talk and a presentation of what SYCA aims to do with a collective of Young Artists in Singapore. Our current work-in-progress website can be seen after 15 October, but hopefully you will all be able to attend our event launch at Sculpture Square on the 6 November, 7pm and meet all participating artists.”



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