Spotted! U Le Chang


U Le Chang which is Mandarin for The Playground, is the creative work of Zheng Renjie (RJ), Dominique Wong (Dom) and Ken Choo (Ken). Opening their minds to various concepts behind common daily occurrences, this digitally illustrated site stretches from one corner of the mind to the farthest regions of their imagination.

Hand-drawn entirely by RJ, the site was brought to life when Dom added a new dimension through scripting. Ken came aboard to help RJ convey his vision to the site visitors. “It was a labor of love that took many late nights, some mornings, and wore down one Wacom tablet pen nib,” says RJ. “It was a journey that stemmed from the simple definition of curiosity and where it led us.”


During the day, the trio works for innovative boutique interactive company, Kilo Studio. During the night, U Le Chang part two is the constant topic of conversation “We are pleased the site is doing well,” says RJ, “and we are contemplating making another one. Dominique is secretly excited for the 1000 additional lines of coding he will have to write for version two. Ken is delighted and is turning to the dictionary and Boggle for inspiration.”



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