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A man, dissatisfied with a white cube for a head, decides to give it up immediately for a fanciful one in the name of self-improvement, only to find himself unwillingly dealing with the consequences. ‘White‘ is Wei Keong’s debut animated short film which earned him screenings at various international festivals, and won him a Special Achievement Award at the 2007 Singapore International Film Festival.

White is done using stop motion under the mentorship of Eileen Reynolds, an American artist and a teacher at my school,” Wei Keong adds. “It brings across the message that while change is easy, changing back is harder. The short is currently touring some festivals, but you can take a look at an excerpt on my showreel.”


Wei Keong is 24 and will be graduating with a BFA from the School of Art, Design and Media (NTU) in 2009. He is currently working on his graduation short entitled ‘A Flash of Happiness’.

“I want to become a unique animator and a director with a vision, and I want to make films with a purpose.” Wei explains. “In a way, ‘A Flash of Happiness’ encompasses my direction and voice in animation. It touches on adult themes like sickness and death, but from the child’s point of view. Animation has long been associated as ‘children’s entertainment’ and it is almost controversial to address an adult theme in this format. In a way, animation makes the truth less of what it really is. Audience is more willing to look at pretty drawings dancing across the screen because they are less ‘true’ or even ‘harmless’ as opposed to film. I wish to explore death as seen from a child’s eye, and I hope the audience will join me to view this issue in a different perspective.”



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