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Lilia Yip recently received her MA in Fashion Womenswear from the Royal College of Art, and is currently based in London. She hopes to carry out a sustainable fashion practice that will balance aesthetics and ethics. “I am always interested in people- their faces, their feelings and stories. How can I understand them better and tell my own story in the process?”


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In her graduation collection, “I am in Zimbabwe“, the melancholic roughness of the urban landscape contrasts with the warmth of the people Lilia met during her trip. “There is a lot of sadness in the country, but also moments of color and happiness,” she says. “For my collection, I abstracted flat shapes drawn from my photos taken in Zimbabwe , and cut and draped them into garments. I found objects which I reconstructed into new clothes; A vintage lace bed sheet becomes a dress. Fabrics used include woven bamboo, bamboo silk and pina (pineapple) silk.”



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