Spotted! Sky Chong Mingliang


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Industrial Designer Sky has earned various degrees related to her design practice while studying at Nanyang Polytechnic and Curtin University of Technology Australia.

“I have been working as a product designer, doing work for Hewlett-Packard HP, Osim, to name a few. Presently I am in Creative Technology. I am inspired by the work of Marc Newson, Naoto Fukasawa, Sam Hecht and Ora Ito. I love how things can be made complex but look very simple, or in other words, ‘simplexity.'”

For her 2007 degree project, Sky designed a coffee table inspired by the Clark Quay Umbrella Shelter Architecture. “I simplified the design by using geometric shapes of just circles, which created the look of my coffee table,” Sky explains. “You can place your coffee cup on the small circles and magazines or books can be dumped on one of the bigger circles.”



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