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Kitty Cho recently graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from of the National University of Singapore. Design to Kitty is a tool to help improve the lives of others. “I also enjoy creating beautiful forms,” she adds. “The experience of creating something based on a feeling within myself, and the knowledge that a part of me exists in the product, is fascinating. I am really thankful that I am able to do that.”

Kitty’s motivation for her BOO design (above) was to bridge the gap between the traditional, outdated bamboo crafts and the contemporary designs which lack the quality of bamboo. Kitty explains, “Bamboo has a deep meaning in traditional Chinese culture; the roots of the plant denote resoluteness, the tall straight stems represent honorability, its hollow interior modesty and its clean and spartan exterior exemplifies chastity. Contemporary versions of bamboo products however, lose this richness of the material.”

The result is a contemporary lounge chair that captures the beauty and essence of bamboo, or in Kitty’s words “The design has a craft quality without being a craft product. “The bamboo pieces are tall and tower over the person,” she explains. “As someone rests on the bamboo, it moves and clatters, mimicking the effect of being in a bamboo grove. By resting on the backing, you can experience the material’s unique combination of flexibility and rigidity. Through the use of a material application, the need for complex mechanisms used to make a flexible backrest can be eliminated. To give a light and free feeling to the bamboo, the base of the chair is reduced to a fluid sheet of material, so as not to weigh the bamboo down.”



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