Liquid City: An Anthology of Comics from South-East Asia and Beyond


Liquid City‘ is a Sonny Liew comics-anthology, presenting an edgy vision of city life in the past, present and future. The book is a mixed bag of amazing and sometimes plain whacked work from artists and writers from South-East Asia and beyond. “Aside from hopefully providing a platform for some of the creators to be read by a wider audience, I thought just having a collection of stories might be one step in the long road of creating a comics community here in South-east Asia,” Sonny explains.

The Liquid City artists and writers work in a variety of styles; from Leong Wan Kok’s distinct post apocalyptic landscapes and alien creatures, to Lat’s charming look back at Malaysian life in the 1960s, from Mike Carey’s meditation on colonialism to Ken Foo’s dark visions of regurgitation and bodily transformations. Also contributing to the anthology are cover artist Shelly Wan and award-winning illustrator, Jon Foster.

Says Sonny, “Liquid City was an attempt to create some sort of joint enterprise that comics creators in the region could all participate in. The theme of cities provides some grounding but is also loose enough to allow the creators to pursue their own agendas.”

The comic book will run a total of 312 pages, wrapping up on 5 November. Until then, you can drool over the previews on the website.



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