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After living in Singapore for nearly five years, I finally started riding around the city on a bike. But due to the lack of an urban bike culture, cycling the streets of Singapore poses its own unique set of problems, not the least of which is the absence of cycling lanes and bicycle parking racks.

Industrial Designer, Adeline Thong created the kind of stylish and functional rack design the city needs, The Elevacion. Adeline explains: “Elevacion’s radial arrangement solves the problem linear racks have, where the slotting of bikes in between existing ones results in the tangling of pedals and unsightly slanted bikes. Specifically designed for West Coast Park, Elevacion cleverly takes on a motif of a sliding child, a sight often seen in the park.”



A recent Industrial Design graduate from the National University of Singapore, Adeline Thong landed a design job at BPdeSilva. “I believe in the importance of design; it plays a role in both aesthetics and pragmatics, where the physical and visual interface of a product can either entice or dampen a user from using it.”



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