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‘Once Upon A Story’ is a trailer ad for an illustrated fairy tale book series that is yet to be written.

Creator, Adrian Chew explains, “The book will consist of the many fantastic fairy tales we used to read and listen to as kids. This series of illustrated novels is aimed at people who love illustrations and want to relive the memories of fairy tales. But they will not just be ordinary, traditional fairy tales … each story will be injected with a surprising twist.”



Adrian Chew graduated last November with a Diploma in Multimedia from the First Media Design School, and is currently looking for a job.

“I love eating and gaming …. and I support ‘green’ projects, which is why I am working under the moniker, Rawmethod. I love working with my hands, but due to the market requirements nowadays, I picked up 3D and other software applications. My goal is to become someone who starts a new trend in art and ultimately makes a career out of it.”



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