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Escape To Rome (above) sprung out of Khairil Osman’s desire to create his own city of imagination. “It also happens to be the biggest piece I’ve ever worked on,” he adds. “At first it was just in a normal dimension, nothing spectacular, and then halfway through while I was working on it, I got a little excited and decided to do a panoramic view of what I’d imagine Rome to be as a fantasy and a magical place. I often find myself being connected to ‘nature’, combining and juxtaposing random pieces together. It makes me feel contented and free, being able to create a place from my imagination. This piece was inspired by nothing other than white horses. Initially, I wanted to do something just about the horses, but then I decided to have the horses as a focus of something else. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there’s a door at the side. I like to call that the portal from the other side of the world, leading to a fantastical Rome. “


Khairil Osman is an 18-year old self-taught Graphic Designer, who is currently in his second year at Lasalle, College of the Arts, majoring in Communication Design.

“I was introduced to the world of Graphic Design by my elder brother -who was studying Interactive Media Design at the time- when I was around 10 to 11 years old. When all the boys my age were out in the sun playing soccer, I chose to stay inside and face the old bulky monitor screen. I can still recall the times when I was playing around in 3D Studio Max & Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Back then, I was obviously making horrible images; those horrid pixelated low-res spiky things that you use the lasso tool with, and then use the wind effect to create awful swirly blob graphics. Then, slowly… I began to mould and adapt myself to Photoshop, and from there, I began to explore the immense possibilities. That’s when I fell in love with Graphic Design. Especially the feeling that you get when you see something beautiful. I am still exploring and learning, aspiring to become a fashion photographer and not just stick to graphic design. Maybe one day, I will start my own designer clothing line or make music … I don’t know yet, but I am looking forward to bigger things that will be in store for me in the future.”



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