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Tempted to pimp your walls with faces of your loved ones? Thinking of hiring a contemporary artist to supply a totally unique birthday gift? Check out dA_art, a recently launched site specialized in hand-painted pop-art portraits.

Artist Brenda Lim about her project, “The idea came to me about a year ago, when I did a portrait painting as a gift for one of my friends. The people around me loved what I did and encouraged me to set up dA_art. I’ve always been a fan of Andy Warhol and I love the way Pop-art brings happiness to the public; the vibrant colors and its relevance in everyday life … it brings Art closer to the people. Same goes for dA_art, I am trying to bring Art a little closer to the people around me.”



“I was the overall Top Student of RMIT University’s Bachelor in Design (Communication Design,” says Brenda. ” Having been in the industry for six years, working as an art director, I longed to do something of my own. I had an urgent need to answer that call within my soul and to design for my self-contentment; that’s why I took a break off work setting up dA_art. With a passion for design, I hope I can do my part in contributing to the creative scene in Singapore, and to inspire designers around me.”



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