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Winner of the 2007 Singapore Fashion Designers and the Asian Young Fashion Designers Contest, Chia Wei Choong’s re-invention of the male silhouette has made him an exciting young designer to look out for. His Autumn/Winter 07-08 collection (above) titled, ‘Serotine’ was part of the Blue Print show at this year’s Fashion Festival.

Chia Wei Choong is currently working on his Spring/Summer 08-09 collection which, in the designer’s own words, “is a recollection of historic costumes, but decomposing the ideologies and than reconstructing them again through a filter. Bits of information but never fully comprehensible, with a strong emphasis on the volumes and shapes. There is also a certain ’roundedness’ in my designs, and I choose a clean muted palette to fully allow the impact of the silhouettes to come through.”

as we head deeper into unknown times,
as the world around us seems like it is about to crumble and give up,
perplexities of life obscure the goodness and happiness,
just before we let the fear overwhelm our beings,
just before we lose our beliefs,
just before we lose our history,
let us celebrate, the past, present and definitely the future,
for a future full of unknowns,
is a chance to make new histories.

Antebellum Designs are available from Front Row, Level3.



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