Spotted! Mimipong


Attention sad sacks … are you desperately lonely or down in the dumps? I’ve been there before, but luckily I found a place where they make endearingly, unfortunate looking dolls that encourage you to ‘hug your sorrow away’. That place is the adorable world of Mimipong, the playground of Art Director, Ms Mimi is and Graphic Designer, Mr Pong. They have created a set of Hug Your Sorrow Tear Dolls that will make you happy in the goofiest way.

“By experimenting with various aspects of design and craftsmanship, we hope to produce things that mirror our personal and mutual interests,” says Mr Pong, and continues, “We seek to highlight the basic function in everyday items. The Hug Your Sorrow tear dolls (above) are made to fulfill the key role of plush toys as comfort objects in moments of misery. Each teardrop comes with a lined tag for the user to pen down the reason for his or her sadness before giving it a big hug for comfort. The doll can also be used as a ‘get-well-soon card’, or it can be sent to a person as a reminder, for having made someone else sad.”



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