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Amanda Ma is fascinated by Chinese culture and architecture. “Even though I’ve never been to China myself, I did quite a bit of research before creating these illustrations,” she says. “At the same time, I didn’t want the illustrations to be photo realistic, so I decided to punch in a few fun elements for myself. I incorporated dragonflies, a frog and pig stone statues instead of the typical lion ones. To push the fun even further, I gave the environment a fish-eyed view. Whenever I work on an illustration, I try to personalize it with little stories, either through the characters or the environment.”



Amanda Ma studied Illustration at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She has illustrated magazines, created t-shirts and cards, and is very keen to illustrate children’s books. “I am a very kinesthetic person and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty,” Amanda says. “I paint still-life in oil and enjoy creating with clay. I’ve also silver-smithed and would like to set up a studio one day. Almost never without a sketchbook, I enjoy sketching on location and making doodles about the things around me. I create my illustrations using watercolor, acrylic and collage.”

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