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23-year old Tan Qiu Wen graduated from LaSalle-SIA College Of The Arts with a diploma in Fashion Design. Qwen is the designer behind iamwhoiam, and the pieces above are part of her Autumn/Winter 07-08 collection, titled “War is a Drug. We are dying of it”.

Qwen explains, “The collection is inspired by the films Dr. Strangelove, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. It references a nuclear accident, building on the widespread Cold War and the fight for survival. A by-product of human absurdity, Humanity having created ‘the ultimate terror’ must now live with the consequences in circumspect – the ultimate error.”

Qwen is currently working on her Spring/Summer 08-09 collection, which will be presented some time late October. “The name of my new collection is Nostos, which is Greek for ‘return’. It began with the yearning to return back in time,” Qwen clarifies, “to the nostalgic memories of childhood and euphoric happiness. This yearning will only continue… and I chose to be tormented by the unappeased feeling, rather than to feel empty about the present. This collection reflects the mixed feelings of my present emotions and the nostalgic feelings of the past.”

iamwhoiam is available at Front Row, Level3.



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