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Ping B‘s project, titled ‘Understanding Felicity upon Catastrophe’, suggests the relationship between the ‘Body’ as a form of ‘Nature’ and ‘Changes (modifications)’ being a form of ‘Culture’, which, as the artist suggests, “do not persist in the realm of co-existence, but emerge as one. One being the factual proposition of a form, creates the mobility of changes and reacting ambivalently.”

“My project targets to explore the approach of the body mutilation issue and ways in which people take charge to deal with their emotions, trying to secure well-being,” Ping explains, and continues. ” The aim is to capture and illustrate the interest of the reverse psychology, experiencing and sharing the doleful lives of this group of people, and also, accepting them for who they are. What went on in my mind, as I observed, is the better opportunity to see a wider pilgrim of possibilities in a variety of vernacular. Relishing in every aspect of the human nature, their endless variety, their individual foibles and peculiar habits, their innocence and their cunning, and their purity and humanity, such love for attention have to unveil, in regards to the scornful realism of the ironical society.”

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24-year old Gan Ping Bing (aka Ping B) graduated mid last year with a First Class Honors Degree in Bachelor of Arts from Loughborough University School of The Arts. She also holds a Diploma in Visual Communication from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

“I’m an out-going individual who prefers nothing more than a SPACE to herself, and music is my sole survivor. I totally indulge with books, and I reckon myself belonging to the ‘Sins of The Ab-norms’.” Ping says.

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