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Lover’s Spit, FrüFrü & Tigerlily‘s third collection, draws inspiration from the music of Broken Social Scene, Aereogramme, The Cure, Ladytron and New Young Pony Club. Ginette Chittick, co-owner of the label, explains, “All our collections are directly inspired by music and moments in the lives of the team. The Hellfire dress (above) is our visual translation of the words HellFire, made for the Electro Pixie who likes to flit around in a piece that totally owns.”



“That’s us at a pool party in Hong Kong two years ago … we look nothing like this now! Our octopus friend is the label’s silent partner.” Ginette jokes.

Team FrüFrü & Tigerlily consists of Ginette Chittick, Cheryl Tan and Jasmine Tuan, three randoms who weren’t trained in Fashion. “We decided to get off our arses to produce pieces that we’d like to wear and share them (albeit in limited quantities) with the world,” Ginette explains. “If we can do it, anyone can too! We’re DIY and also very “sweatshop” -don’t worry, no children, animals or women harmed- our work process is very primeval! We work equally on the design and marketing, but Jasmine and mysef are the ones who specifically work on updating the online store -which, by the way, we do very poorly and irregularly- and Cheryl is the supply chain manager -she’s the ninja. I am also the brand manager -I think up kooky names for every item- and the spokesperson, mainly because I am a control freak.”

FrüFrü & Tigerlily designs are currently available from COL: at Cineleisure, White Room on Haji lane and online.



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