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Influenced by Swiss surrealist, Hans Ruedi Giger’s Alien, Wong Ker used color markers to produce ‘Coelacanth’, a menacing creature that seems to walk the line between playful and grotesque.

Wong Ker explains, “The Coelacanth work is actually based on a cat rather than a fish; more specifically, the skull of a cat. It is primarily an amalgamation of various parts of animals, whether they exist or not. The physiological structure is inspired by H.R. Giger’s Alien, manifested by the ‘bio-mechanical’ tubes nested in the skull and the ‘mouth-within-a-mouth’ peeking out from the jaws. The ‘muscle fibres’ that connect the various parts can also be interpreted as gills, since there is a suggestion that this is an aquatic creature. The shadow lurking in the background is derived from a sea star, a kind of starfish, but its form has been modified to achieve a more ‘alien-like’ and menacing disposition. I have always been fascinated by animal anatomy since very young, especially those of creatures very much different from ourselves, like insects and other invertebrates.”



“I am a pencil. I am a piece of paper. I am a pen. I am a marker. I am a brush. I am a tool. I am a means. I am an end. I am. “

Wong Ker is a pencil and paper kind of illustrator. “I am an analog artist, if you will. I chose the more conventional academic route instead of going to an art school, a decision which I occasionally regret. Then I go and see what’s on TV.”

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