Bayang Kembara: Let the Shadows Speak


In 1997, after her beloved uncle passed away from HIV, Murni Mastan, aka Mo Selle, decided to hop on a plane with only $200 in her pocket.

Murni’s journal, mostly from her South East Asian trips, and based on the notion of her traveling feet and her own shadow, has been captured in a visual travelogue titled, Bayang Kembara: Let the Shadows Speak.


Murni Mastan, aka Mo Selle, is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and independent filmmaker. Her experiences in the media are defined by a five-year contribution to the SAE Institute (School Of Audio Engineering), and a two year VJ residency at the Ministry of Sound. The remainder of her life is dedicated to tipping cultural anthropology, through stories as a freelance screenwriter and film director. Says Murni, “I am on a mission to touch many young lives in designated rural areas – Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal and Kenya- by a simple introduction of the camera.”

5% of every book sale will be donated to the International Human Foundation for the underprivileged children and organization Murni works closely with in Aceh, Indonesia.

Donate Your Cameras ! Murni will be teaching a photography class in Medan to ignite the children’s creativity and to show them how to use photography to define their visions. They are in need of valid film rolls and cameras (simple 35mm point and shoot or your old digital cameras and lomo). All cameras will be donated directly at the final IHF centre in Aceh, Indonesia. Click here for more details.



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