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Tuck‘s vector work is peppered with images of fantastical, cute-oozing characters. About the inspiration behind his smiley monsters, Tuck says, “I enjoy illustrating weird characters that are strange but yet humorous or cute. I get inspiration from the web, MTV, music and vinyl toys. This illustration consists of different characters I designed by mixing and matching different elements together. You can see a van with a bunny head, a smoking robot with headphones, a green hairy creature with a helmet and goggles, a space helmet with a worm in it etc etc. It is really an awesome way to design strange hybrid characters that make no sense!”



Tuck started doodling at a young age, drawing all sorts of rubbish on his textbooks.

“I got my design education from Temasek Polytechnic graduating with a diploma in Interactive Media Design. I am currently working in a web design agency. Back in 2004, tired of designing corporate websites over and over again, I wanted to create a site which would allow me to do whatever I like, without any over-rated branding guidelines. I started, an experimental portfolio site which showcases some of my illustrations. My friends helped to send the link around and I got some illustration jobs out of it. I love creating vector illustrations because of the clean crisp lines. I spend a lot of time adding details to my vector illustrations. I am hoping to become a full time illustrator one day, and have more collaboration projects with other like minded illustrators.”

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