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Bacus Boo‘s fascinating playtable can be appreciated as a sculptural object as well as an entirely functional piece of furniture. The design is inspired by Dakotsu Iida‘s poem, Snowy Valleys:

Dew on a leaf of taro. The mountains rectify their shadows.”

“In this poem, the eyes of the poet focus on the play of visual scale versus the distant views. He presents the imposing image of the mountains and the deep valley in a surrealistic way. The foregrounds such as “Dew on a leaf of taro” play secondary parts and decorate the distant views, making beautiful harmonies like the offering of flowers in front of an altar. My idea is to create a pseudo-perspective on this table by combining the distant view (the mountain and valleys) and the foreground (the objects). This predominant design theme encourages the relationship and interaction between nature (the table) and humankind (the user), which also emphasize that form and function are one. The name Asobu, in Japanese means “play”, and also means “amuse one-self” where my design concept adds an exciting dimension to this furniture. The spirit of “playfulness” weaves a sense of enjoyment, appreciation of the humble, acceptance of the ephemeral and acknowledgment of the greater life’s mysteries. It enables one to contemplate to reach the nature of things touching the deep recesses of one’s being and allowing peace and freedom to create.”



Bacus Boo is the brainchild behind art and design playgroup 1degOFF, a platform for emerging local talent to showcase their work, helping them in their quest to gain international recognition and exposure.

“With 1degOFF, I hope to develop a collective of creative works ranging from abstract art to designing spaces, furniture and accessories. The aim is more on designing beautiful and useful objects and spaces that people will treasure, rather than just designing products for commercial benefits. After giving up an established furniture manufacturing company three years ago, I am now trying to harness those business experiences and rejuvenate that passion and aspiration to develop a better product or furniture, in an area that is unknown and experimental to me. It is a different way of looking at design from an artistic perspective but it also posts as a challenge that is rewarding.”

The ASOBU playtable will be on display at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) from 17 till 20 May and at the Multiplicity Show at the Neuberger Museum of Art from 15 June till 10 August.

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