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Zheng Tianyu Isaiah or Ty, is a graphic designer who is currently taking a ‘tour’ in the Photography program at NTU. He recently published “Untitled (System)-Textbook” which was on exhibit at The Best of ADM 2008.

Untitled (System) which started off as a school project, is a series of generative art based on a system designed by Ty. Twenty-six letters of the English alphabet are translated into angled lines indicating directions. As letters form words, and words form sentences, the output serves as a new way of displaying text, and for the viewer, to enjoy the line work as art.

Ty explains, “The twenty-six letters of the English alphabet, A to Z, are each assigned an angle, starting with A as 0°, with each increment about 13° to 14°. All lines are based on a unit system. The length of each space (in gray) is one unit. The number of units in each letter of the word corresponds to the number of letter the word has. Eg. In the word “Hello”, which is made up of 5 letters, the H will have 5 units, E will have 5 units etc. The short words will be very short, the long words will be very long.”

Visit Ty’s website for more artwork.

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