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Blooming Pod pendant and Bud Pod pendant by Serene Wong.

I love t43‘s first concoction of hand-fabricated, limited edition jewelry designs. The Art-Tea-Scent collection reflects three designers’ passion for tea, by offering three interpretations of the theme. Art by Szufen Huang (Taiwan) is a collection of sculptural forms carefully hand pleated in silk organza, with intricately painted motifs. Tea by Nana Akashi (Japan) is inspired by a box set of flavored teas in its familiar packaging. Scent (above) by local designer Serene Wong, combines the evocative scent of tea leaves with the modernity of plastic.

Of her design, Serene says,”Inspired by the scent of tea leaves, this collection interprets the intangible into a series of dramatic acrylic jewelry. Where a Chinese tea ball and delicate rose buds subtly perfume the air from within the hollow of a pod pendant; other pieces intuitively translate scent into sensuous, organic forms reminiscent of flowers blooming and layers of moistened leaves. You may choose to personalize the jewelry by varying the contents of the pod pendants to suit your preference. All the pieces are hand-pierced and formed to flow with the curves of the body.”



(From Left to right) Szufen Huang, Serene Wong, Nana Akashi

Serene Wong is a BA (Hons) Jewelry Designer hailing from Central Saint Martins in London. Together with her former classmates Nana Akashi (Japan) and Szufen Huang (Taiwan), she recently founded the boutique jewelry label, t43 (Tea for Three).

“Launching our label at the Singapore Fashion Week last October was a great platform for us to gain exposure. We decided to launch in Singapore first because as Asians, we would like to credit our roots and Singapore has the right infrastructure for us to begin carving a niche for ourselves. And slowly but surely, we will move on to Japan and continue elsewhere to globalize our brand.”

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