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We totally love disposable-to-design here at Culturepush. Magmag, a recycled magazines ashtray, is two designers’ interpretation of printed matter in our daily usage.

“magmag reminds you of the hidden gifts yet to be identified within the pages of old magazines. To question what is of essential in the mundane printed matter: think how to deal with a magazine, not where to dispose of it. A series of print advertisements were produced to share and encourage different ways in which we can treat an old magazine. ‘melting+paper’ thus, translated into questions of how print medias are being interpreted in our daily usage.”



H O K O began as a quiet diversion, away from what two local designers have understood and experienced.

“We wish to pursue an approach of design that draws a renewal of sensations and expectations, to go beyond the act of design itself and seek individually a return to unknowing, where we discover new questions in the midst of our everyday. Recognizing the need to re-direct our senses towards the honest, authentic and commonplace in our environment, we are constantly re-positioning ourselves within and outside, the peripheries of design; to take a distant point of view and make space for unusual sources of stimulus and unparallel perspectives. The processes and mediums in which we partook are stubbornly undefined, open to cross-cultivation and improvisation as each singular project takes stride along the way, finding a space to explore the ambiguous. Our work is motivated by observations of both the everyday and invisible interactions between audiences and objects, drawing the quiet and the quotidian back into our sensibilities. We place upon the audience, a broader analysis of what it means to exist in a thing-based environment, thereby articulating the atmospheric and impalpable sensations that remain to be uncovered. In this respect, we peruse in the silence of unknowing, lead only by the recurring questions held within … “

Spotted! is a digest of fly work by fresh off creatives.



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