Spotted! Adam & Eve Love Chair



Wirawan Hasbi Suryanto’s Adam and Eve Love Chair was one of my favorite designs at this year’s Furniture Design Awards (FDA) exhibit, which took place at The Singapore Expo from 9 till 12 March. The theme for FDA 2008 encouraged participants in the Student and Young Designer categories to explore the element of “Tension”.

“Tension can be defined as a balanced relation between strongly opposing elements. I relate this definition to a relationship between couples. When an argument arises, both parties shout out loud about their point of reasoning, which creates a balancing act of tension force. Adam & Eve is love furniture that reacts and changes trough this balancing force, using black to represent Adam and white to represent Eve. Inspired by the beauty of a swan, Adam & Eve took the elegance of its smooth body curvatures and surface indentation. Each form is represented equally, proud and strong. Despite these characteristics, they are physically weak. When you try to sit, Adam & Eve will give a great deal of instability. Without each others support, Adam & Eve will not be functional and become a sculpture piece. A scar line is created in each of them as a representation of a lifetime bond, a scar line that is responsible for the connectivity between Adam and Eve. This scar line creates a need of dependency and a tied knot between Adam & Eve. They may be a strong representative of their own, but their weakness is obvious when they choose not to depend on each other. When users understand the need of existence for Adam & Eve, they will be reminded of the importance of a loved one.”



Wirawan Hasbi Suryanto is in his final year at Nanyang Polytechnic’s Industrial Design department.

“I like design, and I feel it is a course that everyone would enjoy taking. We find our ways to improve and enhance our everyday life, everyone is a designer of their own. Right now I’m looking for chances to further improve my design and with a bit of luck, mass producing it. Also, right now I’m looking at overseas universities for my further study.”

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