Spotted! QUADRA CD Shelf



If your collection of CDs takes center stage in your living room, you can display them within this unobtrusive, streamlined QUADRA frame, designed by Lui Honfay. The design won first prize (Grand Award, Young Designer Category) in this year’s Furniture Design Award competition, organized by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council.

“Order and chaos can be observed within QUADRA. The CD shelf which comprises regular grids, become and disordered, with the injection of irregular shapes of various sizes within the middle section that is designed to accommodate CD casings of different sizes. Therefore, chaos arises due to functionality. In QUADRA, function and aesthetics are fused together, creating tension.”



Contemporary design combined with the natural beauty of wood makes this bench truly inviting. Wooden bench TRI (above), is Honfay’s second entry for the competition which won him second prize (honorable mention) , Best Use of Wood and American Hardwood.

” I was born in Hongkong in 1978 and moved to Singapore with my family when I was thirteen. I am architecturally-trained, currently working as a full-time architect. Though I have a serious passion for architecture, I constantly feel restricted and uninspired if I am bound to just architecture. During the process, my area of interests had broadened, and I believe that a good designer has to be an all-rounder, being able to explore design fundamentals and brainstorm for creative ideas and apply these ideas into different design aspects. To me, there is no difference between architecture, interior design and product design. They are all designs and inter-related with one another. I focus on exploring fascinating marginal territory somewhere between Western and Eastern, between Architecture and Product, between Product and Art, between Art and Graphic, and between Graphic and Architecture. The target is always to create coherent bodies of work, through a multi-disciplinary approach.”

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