Spotted! Clash of Prints



EverydayWeekend designers Herman Rahoam and Aiwei Foo extend the usefulness of a bed by transforming it into a part-chair, part-bed furnishing.

“The clash of prints and other theories is one of three chairs that we have made under EverydayWeekend, a label that combines our abilities and disabilities, but mostly something we would think is exciting enough to sustain the interest of what we are doing. The structure of this chair is a reclaimed bed which we turned into a floor chair. Now the ‘bed’ is not just for sleeping, but we have removed its bedroom status, to blend in with other living room activities. It has become more versatile as you can still lie on it or sit on it, do anything to it or let your pet have it. All cushions are hand made, with carefully chosen fabric in a juxtaposition of different prints. The reason for using different prints is intentional, so that they clash with each other, yet still feel like everything looks ok.”



EverydayWeekend is Herman Rahoam and Aiwei Foo. Herman is trained in graphic design, Aiwei has a degree in fine arts and fashion. They first met in 2005 and ever since they have been living like fish and water because they both believe in cross-disciplinary activities.

EverydayWeekend products are available from The Asylum.

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