Dance Production: Enter #1773


Dance Horizon Troupe (Singapore) returns to dance up a storm with a contemporary performance titled, Enter #1773. Conceptualized by upcoming choreographer Liz Fong, guest dancers Verity Jacobson (Australia) and Ding Qirui (China), come together with Dance Horizon’s resident dancers, to explore the human character in the personal, political and social setting of Enter #1773.

“The production brings in a fascinating interplay of relationship among a few individuals in their mundane life of work and entertainment. The contradicting yet harmonious display of personalities paints a relatively poignant but realistic picture of societal survival in a lighthearted tone. A concoction of human force, vocalization and gesture brought to light with the physicalization of an innate subconscious relationship with the objects surrounding us. A visionary testament of the human condition.”

Drama Centre Black Box (National Library, level 5) from 20 to 22 March. Tickets are available from



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