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4843 creatives and institutions from 98 countries have participated in this year’s ‘Dining in 2015’ competition co-organized by designboom and macef. Among the shortlisted entries, I spotted the AG Chopsticks designed by Hock Heng Yap.

“In the past, royalties in the Korean kingdom were using silver (AG) chopsticks to test their food for poison. Although the presence of poison is not of much concern in our modern day society, there is however a growing awareness for the detection of harmful bacteria within our food. Hence the mounting interest in food science and the advances made in bio-sensors. A major breakthrough in this area of science is the use of chromatic conjugated polymer as a fast and simple way to detect harmful food bacteria like E.Coli and Salmonella. When the organic polymer comes into contact with these bacteria, the proteins within the bacteria will cause it to change color. By moulding the polymer in a pair of silver chopsticks, users are provided with a simple tool to test the freshness of their food, safeguarding themselves from possible food poisoning.”


Hock Heng, an Industrial Design graduate (2005) from the National University of Singapore, is currently working as a Design and Technology teacher.

“Having worked as an industrial designer before, I saw the need to inculcate a greater sense of design appreciation in Singapore as I sincerely believe that design will shift the nation forward. Hence, the switch in career from a designer to a design educator. Through school, I hope that it will be possible to instill a spirit for creativity and innovation in the nation’s young minds and, in time, build a design-oriented nation. My philosophy is based on the idea of designing things as how we will use it. This is achieved through keen observation of everyday life and human interactions.”

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