Spotted! Zemotion



she believed and held on
to everything that was once promised,
everything that would be,
fading away…

Since dropping out of school, 19-year-old Zhang Jingna, aka zemotion, has already accomplished a great deal, and her portrait and fashion photography has gotten her plenty of attention. With no formal training but a diversity of influences in art, music, people and cultures, Jingna’s images are artistic, delicate and emotive and almost always tingled with a little tragic.

“The title of my image is ‘Forgotten Fairytales’, and marks the beginning of a fairytale-inspired photo essay. Not all images are as unreal as fairytales, but just almost … without having or needing the obvious traits of the original tales, with only enough elements to suggest the inspiration. The project seeks to touch on emotions and explorations of existence and dreams, with minute reality intact. I wrote a caption to go with this image. I often write captions for pieces that are more important or personal to me.”



Selfportrait: A Silent Melody

When Jingna was in Secondary 3, she decided that, if she wanted her life to revolve around her passion, she had to make it happen herself. She quit school and decided to pursue a career into the world of high fashion.”There was not enough time for my interests with a full load of schoolwork to finish. I felt I was ‘wasting’ the prime of my life by not pursuing my passions. I know many people think it’s foolish to stop studying. But I don’t. My definition of success is just different.”

Jingna then started a five-year Master’s course in fashion design at LASALLE, dropped out, and decided to fully embrace the photographic profession, both commercially and as an artist.“I have been interested in art from a young age. I grew up with a group of talented digital artists around me. Wanting to create the imageries I envisioned, I spent my savings on my first camera when I turned 18. I was looking to find an alternative means of expression from the talent around me.”

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