Spotted! Hage Chair



Chairs are absolutely covetable, when they look as good as the Hage chair, designed by Puah Kim Sing. The chair was shown at the 2008 Furniture Design Awards (FDA) exhibit, where it received a Young Designer Merit Award.

“The Hage chair is practically unbreakable even though there is tension when one sits on it. It is formed from a single rectangular piece of plywood with the letter H cut out from it. The plywood cut-out is then molded into the Hage chair. Through moulding the plywood, the structure acquires strength that makes it safe for use. Yet, it retains a buoyant effect, similar to that of a spring, when sat on. Natural beauty and strength are key qualities of this molded plywood piece.”



Robert Jaso

Stunning work by Slovakia-born model turned fashion photographer Robert Jaso.


Urban Coloring Book

Sanithna Phansavanh‘s urban coloring book and sticker kit integrates black and white photographs of city scenes, then lays over black outlines,  that you can decorate yourself.


Spotted! Dawn Tan



Dawn Tan creates fun and fancy children’s illustrations in watercolors.

“Because of global warming, most of our beloved animal species don’t get to live on forever. And that’s really a horrible thought! I See You is a self portrait done for a children’s book, which I wrote about a year ago. At that time, there was a lot of talk about global warming and endangered animal species. So I decided to do my part as an artist, by coming up with a picture book on how climate change affects the animals, and it’s titled ‘The Big Move’. My art has always been happy and cheerful. I know it’s a big ambition, but hopefully my optimism in my art will create an awareness and make an impact one day.”



Marc Johns

Marc Johns makes humorous drawings on 3×3 post-it notes.


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